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About Sales1Boston

Sales1Boston LLC, a Massachusetts based strategic business development, sales training and sales management organization, is the nation’s leading sales performance improvement firm focusing on helping companies confront change, embrace growth and implement real results. Our core objective is to employ systems and processes that achieve our clients short and long term goals. At Sales1Boston, we help committed companies realize greater levels of sales and top line growth with a core curriculum that is built to last.

Our vast portfolio of clients include successful sales professionals, countless entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses, as well as relationships with leading affinity organizations. Robert P. Polonsky, Chief Sales Strategist and Principle of Sales1Boston, facilitates an extremely high level of leadership to his company and its core undertaking; to work with his clients in order to capture opportunities, create a culture of accountability and maximize sales.

Sales1Boston, under Rob’s leadership, offers clients a wide range of solutions including: expert sales training, sales management training, web design and brand development, search engine optimization (SEO), sales job placement, new business development, branded consulting, assessments, mentoring and coaching. From top to bottom, our organization believes that successful sales organizations and companies are based on the fundamentals: proper planning and executable processes. Our core services offer our clients the capability to grow sales and enhance profit by addressing your complex and unique organizational needs.

Our leadership brings real-world experience from careers as successful small business owners, online marketing experts and sales trainers leading the field. Our job is this; to provide our clients with a progressive curriculum that is time tested and proven. By helping businesses confront their issues and accept positive change, we can successfully implement the Sales1Boston sales training system and business development programs for immediate and long-term results. Our target is to become an asset to your sales organization and to see to it that our services positively affect each sales executive, sales manager and officer in the company.  As well as the bottom-line.

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Mission Statement

"To unite with our clients to identify core sales issues, make use of new ideas and capture opportunities that will result in immediate and long-term sales organizational effectiveness. By advancing programs, methods and systems needed for success, we will not stop working until real change is realized. Together, we will create a structure of accountability, a roadmap for progress and an environment that embraces growth."

The Sales1Boston team includes:

Nora Fanning
Senior Project Manager

Tim Butler
Director of Web Design

Patrick Thomas
SEO Marketing Director / CTO

Robert P. Polonsky
Chief Sales Strategist & Principal