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We know talent (we better, it’s  our job to develop it). 

Sales1Boston Personnel focuses on finding sales assistants/support staff, sales executives (both inside and outside) and all mid to senior level sales management for our clients. Our geographical reach includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island and South New Hampshire.

The top line (sales) is what drives your business forward. More so today than ever before, has the relevancy of your sales team been so crucial. Identifying top talent is not an easy process for either management, or ownership . So with so much riding on the line to do the job, who will you turn to?

Unlike your predictable sales recruiter or sales placement specialist, our procurement process is quite dissimilar. Our approach is uncomplicated: strategize, nurture, interview, assess and hire. The individuals that we will bring to your company are people actively engaged in their sales career search and responding “exclusively to the position you are offering”. You are not getting a generic sales jobs responder. This is real talent interested in a real sales career.

Companies that utilize our sales placement headhunter program are:

  • currently engaged with Sales1Boston for sales training or consulting
  • wishing to expand their sales team in the next 30-60 days
  • sick and tired of hiring ineffective closers
  • frustrated with salespeople unwilling to change
  • equally discouraged that their recruitment efforts seem to end up short
  • lacking the time or resources to recruit, hire and train
  • realizing the status quo is not good enough

We will:

  • develop your customized job advertisement marketing plan
  • handle all technical, design and implementation aspects
  • negotiate and deal with the networks on your behalf
  • selectively qualify or disqualify responders
  • offer additional strategic recruitment initiatives

Our Headhunter’s process:

  1. Strategy and identification
  2. Design advertisement, post offer, create prospecting plan
  3. Telephone pre-qualification
  4. Face-to-face interview
  5. Assess (DISC)
  6. Final meeting with ownership or management

At Sales1Boston Personnel, we can distinguish real ability. Our many years of building winning sales organizations (both internal and external) goes far beyond the basics. The things we look for in prospective candidates are quite atypical.

For starters, we believe resumes are at times obsolete to the real objective. What’s not in a resume is as just as important – if not more important - than what is. Our central belief, what drives sales people to excellence, are goals and motivators; we will unearth this vital information. 

And last, we put into consideration the vast things a candidate might have accomplished in their careers, but more importantly, how that individual has dealt with failure and over-coming adversity at the various stages of their professional lives. As they say, “if you’re not hurting you’re not growing”; these are all attributes of winners.

Let us win for your company and sustain unparallel growth opportunity!

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Why choose Sales1Boston Personnel?

As an experienced Strategic Business Development and Sales Training Firm, our business is about developing talent; this means taking individuals from good to great and great to super-star status. We understand what it will take to be successful in any sales career, spending over a decade in the production line with hundreds and thousands of sales people. Simply, we recognize the motives, needs, goals and behaviors that must be present – at any sales career level – to make a real impact.

How does your sales jobs headhunter program work?

We offer one type of solution: Retained Services. Clients will be required to initiate a 50% down-payment at the genesis of the program, the balance is due 7 days post-hire. Our approach is extremely intimate; most of the clients who utilize our sales jobs headhunter program are engaged with Sales1Boston Personnel in some form of sales training and consulting; it is our duty to deliver the right candidate. Working together as a team we will: customize a go to market message, set forth fundamental hiring criteria and extract the right person for the job, or we keep perusing the field till we hit the target. All payments are non-refundable.

Where do you find these people?

We utilize most of the conventional channels for finding candidates. But that's just a small piece of our process. Our self-belief is that there is still a tremendous amount of talent available – either on the side lines or employed and unsatisfied. We will find the talent (and in some cases train and coach them). We recognize what conventional (and non conventional) attributes must be present in a winning sales professional. Ultimately, it is our job to fill the position with the right candidate, who has real desire (and talent), coupled with your fundamental position requirements.

Which industries do you serve?

Sales1Boston Personnel helps attract, recruit and develop sales talent in a number of verticals. Frankly, there is no industry we cannot service well. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, we can help fill the vital sales positions within your sales organization and position your company for growth. Amongst the plethora of verticals, we can help you. We have extended experience in Telecommunication, Computer/IT, Advertising & Marketing, Healthcare, Business Services and many others.

What types of guarantees do you offer clients?

All of our clients are furnished a 180 day guarantee. The reality of salespeople is this: things do not always work out. People moon-light, individuals lie (about their real motives for taking a position), teammates don't always get along. There could be any number of reasons why a candidate fails to perform to expectations. Therefore, we will guarantee a replacement period for that candidate within 180 days from the genesis of the program, at no additional cost to your company. That's confidence.

Will this solution be too expensive for my company?

With the vast diversity of services, our sales jobs headhunter's channel is not our only source for commerce (yet a vital piece of our clients winning formula). Therefore, we can offer your organization a superior product…for less; we typically save our clients on average 25-45% (depending on the position and sales career level being filled) vs. the average placement firm.

Is this solution only for Sales1Boston clients?

Our personnel program at Sales1Boston was developed for companies with a sales organization lacking the winning pieces (people) for success and the commitment to doing whatever it takes to achieve their top line objectives. We welcome all clients – whether actively engaged with Sales1Boston – or wishing to leverage our expertise to fill your personnel needs. We can identify leaders from all career sales job levels and work together with you to bring them on board. You can count on it!